I will be moving in  Late March and should have my FFL updated by the 15 of April. I can send it to you then.


Call me to be sure. See banner below for telephone number. Dale Woody Firearms Engraver.

Modern guns, made after 1898 have different rules than Antique guns [Pre 1898] .   Antique gun shipping is much less restrictive and costly.

Antique handguns or long guns have different rules and can be shipped by UPS/ Fed Ex  depending on where you live, your age and if the gun uses cartridges or percussion cap/ flintlock action. Call Me and I can tell you for sure what we can do about low cost and safe well insured shipping.

Packing a gun for shipping is simple but guns need to be well protected. I use a plastic gun case or double box for safety. www.amazon.com has lots of cheap cases. I buy mine there.

Frequently asked Questions

How long does it take.

Figure 2 to 8 weeks. Longer if refinishing is Nickel Plate or Case Color.

When and how do I pay.

Check, money order or I can send you an Invoice and you can use a credit card. Deposit of $100.00 to start and total due when finished.

What is your contact info.

 Leave a message if I do not answer and I call back the same day.I will be moving and will be in Washington state by early April .  E mail below is not a link. Done to stop spammers!! Enter this address into your e mail program.

I should be moved and ready by April 15. I have applied for a new FFL and it should be ready by the 15th. 


How long have you been an Engraver.

I began in 1990 as a full time engraver and have never stopped. 27 years..

Useful Links to other Craftsmen

www.classicgunsinc.com    Case Coloring in Illinois.

www.thestockdr.com   Dennis Smith quality wood work, Repairs & Checkering. Oregon.

www.johntaylormachine.com  Washington state machine shop work. Barrels made.

www.winchesterbob.com  Winchester parts made new. Maine.

www.coltparts.com  Washington state old Colt parts.

www.amazon.com   for gun cases to ship safely.