These are Rifles I have Engraved, Restored or Refinished.

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Please note, Guns below are priced for engraving only.

I engrave all types of guns, not just what is shown here.

Antiques & restoration of metal work. No Wood work.

Prices do not include disassembly, assembly,  refinishing, metal working or any polishing if needed. Shipping back and insurance may be extra.

I can do  Gunsmith work & Refinishing at extra cost depending on what Gun you have.

It saves on shipping cost both ways and time  to have your local Gunsmith disassemble and ship only the parts needed to be engraved, or refinished. Then I can engrave and return to your gunsmith.

Ruger #1 simple pattern below. 

Cost $250.00 for both sides & Lever included. Satin Nickel finish as pictured is extra.

Winchester 1894

Cost of engraving below, $950.00.

94left.jpg (293825 bytes)94right.jpg (269504 bytes)

Cost of engraving below, $725.00

94rudydomright.JPG (157617 bytes)94rudydomleft.jpg (169467 bytes)

Cost of engraving below, $750.00. With inscription or animal head in Oval.

fredspenoright.jpg (82642 bytes)fredspenoleft.jpg (88385 bytes)

1892 Winchester

Cost to engrave, $400.00. NRA prize. Or your lettering, or blank.

nra1892right.JPG (42201 bytes)nra1892left.JPG (42137 bytes)

Cost to engrave each, $675.00 each.

win92x2left.jpg (260389 bytes)win92x2right.JPG (288212 bytes)

Cost to engrave below, $625.00.

win1892deerlft.jpg (180810 bytes)win1892scrollrt.jpg (181910 bytes)

1885 Winchester or Modern Copy.

Cost to engrave both sides with scroll only like Left Picture is, $425.00.

Scroll & Animals are $475.00. Middle & Right Picture.

win1885rcoon.jpg (43844 bytes)1885buff.jpg (112521 bytes)1885ram.jpg (165452 bytes)

One of 1000 Lettered on Winchester barrel without scroll. Below. Cost is $150.00

One of 1000  lettering with scroll, $275.00. With Gold Inlay bands, $175.00 each extra.

1OF1000GOLD.jpg (158121 bytes)

1866 Winchester OR MODERN COPY.

Cost to engrave below is, $650.00 on Brass Frame.

1866 uberti top.jpg (143324 bytes)1866 uberti right.jpg (349124 bytes)1866 uberti left.jpg (414412 bytes)

Cost to engrave below is, $875.00

1886 Winchester

1886winleft-kg.jpg (147717 bytes)1886winright-kg.jpg (112528 bytes)

Cost to engrave 1886 Winchester Receiver Above, $1200.00

 Below, Deer on Left and scroll only on the Right side is, $650.00.

win86left.jpg (126888 bytes)

Cost to engrave below is, $1000.00

1886rcright.JPG (41228 bytes)1886winrcleft.JPG (36331 bytes)

Cost to engrave below is, $1100.00

bears1886.jpg (42152 bytes)1886cougar.jpg (44556 bytes)

Cost to engrave below is, $950.00

1886rcright.JPG (41228 bytes)1886rcleft.JPG (44615 bytes)

Cost to engrave below is, $935.00

cj_left.jpg (113586 bytes)cj_right.jpg (72004 bytes)

Winchester 1873

Cost to engrave below is, $1250.00

73winkgright.JPG (236739 bytes)73winkgleft.JPG (232284 bytes)

Cost to engrave below is, $995.00

savwin73lt.JPG (38161 bytes)savwin73rt.jpg (48925 bytes)

Cost to engrave Pattern below, $1000.00.

win 1873 ls top.jpg (147942 bytes)win 1873 ls right.jpg (296883 bytes)win 1873 ls left.jpg (300995 bytes)

Winchester 1890 or Marlin 39 early 22 caliber.

Cost to engrave below is, $625.00. 

win_1890_right_rabbit.jpg (88733 bytes)win_1890_left_squirrel.jpg (80592 bytes)

Cost to engrave below is, $800.00

win1890_squrabbit222.jpg (92300 bytes)

Cost to engrave below is, $850.00

win1890squ-lft.jpg (171165 bytes)win1890rabbrt.jpg (178735 bytes)

Model 60 Winchester, Below, Cost, $450.00. Simple basic pattern.

win63rt.JPG (39578 bytes)win63left.JPG (32907 bytes)

Marlin Guns

1893 Cost to engrave below is, $1075.00

marlin_1893_right_bill.jpg (90930 bytes)marlin_1893_left_bill.jpg (102043 bytes)

1894 Cost to engrave below is, $875.00

marlin1894right.JPG (48613 bytes)marlin1894left.JPG (38902 bytes)

1893 Cost to engrave is, $1050.00

marlinright.JPG (224516 bytes)marlinelk.JPG (228152 bytes)

Marlin Ballard

The modern " Marlin Ballard"  manufacturing company will not Restore your Old Ballard Lettering! They can only use the new frame address. Different than old Factory lettering. I can restore it right, see below for examples.

Ballard Short Range, $975.00.

ballard_short_left.jpg (97351 bytes)ballard_short_right.jpg (85245 bytes)

Ballard Basic Old Factory patterns, $475.00 .

ballardbasicengr.jpg (26517 bytes)Ballardsimpleengr.jpg (23927 bytes)


Ballard Factory Like Pattern Below, $750.00. Your choice of Animals. Inscriptions or Names in circle. I can work from a picture sent to me. From the Ballard book.

ballard right gh.jpg (347643 bytes)ballard left gh.jpg (307914 bytes)gary top.jpg (112279 bytes)gary left scroll.jpg (269248 bytes)

Ballard Basic Factory [Bear & Deer] $725.00

ballardbear.jpg (24143 bytes)ballarddeer.jpg (31465 bytes)

Ballard Factory Scroll Pattern, fancy top. $745.00.

ballardkg-05top.jpg (107294 bytes)ballardlftkg7-05.jpg (131128 bytes)ballardlrtkg7-05.jpg (166227 bytes)

Ballard Pacific, $875.00.

ballardpacificlft.JPG (54872 bytes)ballardpacificrt.JPG (61369 bytes)

Ballard Old 3 line early address on bare steel,  $95.00. The 2 Line is $75.00. You must remove the Lettering address before sending it or metal work will be an extra cost. Do record what lettering is being removed. Send it to me and I can re-mark your Antique Marlin Ballard as it should be, like old factory.

ballardfirst3line.jpg (10476 bytes)marlin_ballard_early_copy.jpg (30095 bytes)

Henry Big Boy [Brass Frame] Below, Engraving Cost is $775.00

jw_henry_top.jpg (61017 bytes)jw_henry_right.jpg (145697 bytes)jw_henry_left.jpg (166732 bytes)

Stevens 44 Restoration  Cost $725.00.

This old and worn gun was metal worked by me and engraving re-cut, then Hand sanded again to bring it back. Re-cut engraving again and it was ready for case coloring. An Antique that now looks right.

ste_44_bl_address_new.jpg (28582 bytes)stevens_44_restored_right.jpg (237899 bytes)stevens_44_restored_left.jpg (260860 bytes)

Stevens 44 Before restoration, below.

ste_44_1.jpg (84105 bytes)ste_44_2.jpg (80391 bytes)ste_44_3.jpg (25947 bytes)

Floor Plates, $250.00 to $500.00 priced for what you want. Gold or silver line inlay available.

jeff floor plate.jpg (64209 bytes)ruger fp buffalo.jpg (149725 bytes)fp-ram-head.jpg (12800 bytes)



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I am taking no new work until after I move to Washington state. April 15th or so. Call and I will get back to you as soon as I can.